Toilet Repair & Installation in Bowling Green, Kentucky

You shouldn’t have to think twice about your toilet. A toilet should just be a fixture that works when you need it but otherwise minds its business. If you do have a toilet problem, our plumbers are here to help. At Shane Elmore Plumbing we specialize in top-notch toilet repair and installation services in Bowling Green and Glasgow, Kentucky.

Did you know that toilets are the main source of water use in a home? Toilets can account for nearly 30 percent of a home’s indoor water consumption—and older, inefficient toilets can easily run that number up. Contact us today to find how you can save big with a new toilet installation.

If your toilet is leaking or constantly running, you’re just flushing away your hard-earned money. With reliable toilet repair and installation in the Bluegrass State, we can solve any issue you may have with your toilet. We’ll take care of the dirty work so you can get to worrying about what matters—and we’ll help you save money along the way.

Common Toilet Issues We Solve

Sometimes the potty has a problem! Don’t worry! Our master plumbers are adept at handling a variety of toilet issues. Trust us—we’ve seen it all.

  • Running Toilets — Nothing wastes water like a toilet that just keeps going and going. Whether you have faulty flappers, floats, or fill valves, our expert techs will get you repaired in no time. You’ll notice a difference in your water bill right away.
  • Clogs and Overflows — A clog can go from a minor annoyance to a major emergency before you know it. Blockages and other issues with your plumbing require immediate attention. Our team will ensure a smooth flow so that you don’t end up with a disaster on your hands.
  • Leaks and Seals — Leaks around your toilet’s base or tank can lead to significant water damage over time. Worn-out seals and cracks are likely the culprit. Shane Elmore will keep you dry for the long haul!

Even if you’re not sure what you’re looking at, we’re glad to help. We offer complimentary toilet inspections to ensure that your toilets are in full working order. We’ll provide you with no-obligation recommendations that will serve you and your family best.

Full-Range Toilet Services

When you want the best toilet repair and installation in Bowling Green and Glasgow, Shane Elmore is your first choice. We offer comprehensive solutions to keep your toilet in good shape.

Toilet Repair

If you have newer, efficient toilets that just need a little TLC, or if you’re not ready to upgrade quite yet, we’ll do whatever we can to repair your existing toilet. We can repair both common and complex problems, and we’ll use parts that will improve your efficiency without needing to upgrade the entire toilet. As Bowling Green’s toilet repair professionals, we’re here to lend a wrench when you need us.

Toilet Installation

Modern toilets can significantly reduce your water bill. If your toilet is 20 years older or more, there’s no question that a new toilet will practically pay for itself. Not only will a new toilet save you big time, but with trusted brands like Kohler, American Standard, and Toto, you’ll get comfort height, contemporary designs, and dual-flush options. Upgrade your toilet today with Bowling Green’s go-to toilet installation pros.

Why You Can Trust Shane Elmore for Your Toilet Troubles

Our customers throughout South Central Kentucky consistently give us stellar, 5-star reviews. We’re committed to providing our clients in Bowling Green, Glasgow, and beyond with professional service that exceeds your expectations.

  • Certified, Expert Technicians — At Shane Elmore Plumbing, we’re blessed to have some of the best technicians in all of the Bluegrass State. You won’t find plumbers who are as committed to their craft as ours. We bring the know-how and experience to every toilet repair and installation project.
  • Unbeatable Customer Service — Our tech’s expertise is only matched by their dedication to your satisfaction. We prioritize friendly, courteous service on every call. When you want prompt and uncompromising service, Shane Elmore is your first choice.
  • Professional Plumbing Solutions — A toilet is a toilet, right? Well, you just might be surprised at some of the mistakes and shoddy workmanship we see out in the field. When you trust Shane Elmore for your toilet installation and repair needs, you know you are getting excellent craftsmanship and pure professionalism every single time. We wouldn’t even know how to cut corners if you asked.

If you’re ready to upgrade your plumbing, you can trust Shane Elmore to get the job done right.

Bowling Green, Kentucky’s Toilet Repair and Installation Experts

Don’t let toilet troubles disrupt your day. Put the potty back in its place by contacting Shane Elmore Plumbing for swift, reliable service. Whether you have a severe issue, routine repair, or a new installation, we’re here to help with all your toilet needs. Our plumbing pros are ready to assist you with all your toilet repair and installation needs in Bowling Green and Glasgow, Kentucky.

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