Bathroom & Kitchen Plumbing in Bowling Green & Glasgow

Bathroom & Kitchen Plumbing Services in Bowling Green & Glasgow

Of all the rooms throughout your home, the bathroom houses a large majority of your plumbing system. In fact, when you think of plumbing, you may likely first think about your shower, or toilet. The functionality of your home’s plumbing system relies greatly on the integrity and quality of the pipes and fixtures running through the bathroom—which means you need a team of plumbers who have the necessary skills and expertise when it comes to serving this area.

Second to the bathroom, your kitchen is the one area in your home with the highest concentration of plumbing appliances and fixtures. This means that it has special needs when it comes to ensuring that everything is operating as it should. You’ll want to have a team on your side that you can trust with all of your kitchen plumbing needs.

Well, you’ve found Shane Elmore, and you’re in luck! Whether you’re looking for a bathroom or kitchen plumbing installation, repair, or maintenance appointment, we can handle it! Contact Shane Elmore Plumbing today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert plumbers in . We’ll see to it that your plumbing is in the best shape possible.

Reliable Kitchen Plumbing Systems and Services

We install and service a wide range of kitchen plumbing appliances throughout Bowling Green, KY and beyond. For instance, you can turn to us for reliable kitchen sink installation—for a sink that helps everything else in your kitchen run smoothly. We also offer faucet replacement.

Distinct from your kitchen sink, your faucet can have a big impact on how effectively your kitchen functions. Whether you’re on the market for a more traditional faucet, one with a pull–out sprayer, or even a hands–free model, we can accommodate you! Contact us today to learn about your options.

Does Your Kitchen Faucet Need Replacement?

The kitchen faucet is one of the centerpieces of your home, used on a regular basis for cooking and cleaning. Replacing it can be a daunting task, but sometimes a necessary one. Perhaps your old faucet is no longer working as it should. Or maybe you’d like a new faucet that’s more aesthetically pleasing.

Regardless of why you’d like a new kitchen faucet, you want a trained professional to conduct the faucet replacement services. Here in Bowling Green, KY, we are the experts you can trust for such a job.

Caring for Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal — one of those appliances that bring a high level of convenience to your home, but is often taken for granted. That is, until something goes wrong with it. Not all garbage disposal repair issues can be prevented, but many can. For instance, despite its name you should avoid putting actual garbage (anything non–organic) down the drain. Other items you should avoid putting down the kitchen drain include:

  • Fibrous vegetables (celery, onion skins, asparagus)
  • Hard foods (popcorn kernels, meat bones)
  • FOG (this stands for fats, oils, and grease and is more of a threat to your drains than it is your disposal, but should still be avoided!)
  • Foods that expand with water (rice, pasta, coffee grounds)

It’s important to remember that no matter how well you care for your garbage disposal system, it still may eventually break down due to natural wear and tear. If yours stops operating, try first resetting it using the button at the bottom of the unit. If that doesn’t work, you should give the pros a call!

For further questions or to schedule garbage disposal services, contact our team today!

Bowling Bathroom Plumbing Services

Whether you’re moving into a new home, or are looking to have the bathroom remodeled in your existing home, our plumbers can provide consultation so you’ll be well informed about what’s required for the job. At Shane Elmore, we deal with bathroom plumbing installations and problems of all shapes and sizes, and we will take the unique needs of your home and bathroom preferences under heavy consideration. The types of bathroom plumbing services we provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Sink Plumbing: You want to ensure that your bathroom sink plumbing is in great condition at all times. Otherwise you could find your sink cabinet and fixtures suffering from leaks and other related property damage.
  • Toilet Plumbing: A new toilet makes a great addition to any home. For most homes in the Bowling Green, KY area, the toilet is the largest consumer of water, with tens of thousands of gallons flushed each year. Upgrading to a low flow toilet is the best way to cut down your water bills in this area!
  • Bathtub Replacement: if you want to enjoy a nice, relaxing bath, then you want to ensure that your bathtub plumbing is working adequately. We provide installation as well as tub replacement, to resolve anything from a simple aesthetic improvement to fixing a persistent leak under the tub before it can cause significant damage to your flooring.

The Benefits of Low Flow Toilets

We mentioned low flow toilets briefly above, stating that this is a great way to cut back on your water bills. To give you greater detail, the traditional toilet consumes as much as 7 gallons of water per flush. This means that each year on average, the toilets in most Bowling Green, KY homes use over 40,000 gallons of water per year!

Low flow toilets, on the other hand, only use about 1.6 gallons of water per flush, and there are even some models that use as little as 1.2 gallons. This means a substantial decrease in your water bills—anywhere from 55% to 77%—which equates to lower water bills as well.

When You May Need a Bathtub or Faucet Replacement

Let’s face it, no plumbing fixture is going to last forever. Whether old piping is the cause, or it is mineral buildup or limescale that has eaten away at your bathtub drain or sink faucet, you may find yourself facing the fact that you need a replacement.

Fortunately, our team is highly skilled, with extensive experience in all types of plumbing installation and replacements. Contact Shane Elmore today for a trusted Bowling Green, KY plumber and we’ll be sure to help you make an educated decision about your bathtub replacement, faucet repair and replacement, or any other bathroom plumbing needs you may have.

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