Commercial Drain Cleaning in Bowling Green & Glasgow

Commercial bathrooms can become clogged or blocked due to excessive traffic or deliberate vandalism during high-traffic periods. We handle everything when it comes to commercial drains. It is common for commercial kitchens to develop tough clogs due to high volume usage. Some simple clogs can be cleared using a plunger by the facility manager or maintenance staff.

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Commercial drains are our specialty. Kitchens with high volumes of usage can develop difficult clogs. The maintenance staff or facilities manager of your building may be able to clear some simple clogs using a plunger, plumber’s snake, or consumer product such as Drano. Clogs that are more difficult may require professional assistance. That’s when we come in.

What We Service

The most common problem we fix in restaurants is a clogged kitchen sink. Plaque forms around your drain pipes after grease, food particles, dish soap, and detergent collect in them. This causes clogs to form over time. If left untreated, these clogs can lead to the drain being completely clogged. We will clear your drain pipes using professional equipment without damaging your sink.

When floor drains become backed up in a commercial facility, we clear them out. A clogged floor drain may result in flooding in your facility due to dirt and debris building up. We can quickly restore proper drainage if this occurs thanks to our certified plumbing technicians.

If your commercial building’s toilets are clogged and you can’t unclog them with a plunger or plumber’s snake, you’ll need to contact a plumber. We have the equipment and expertise to fix it quickly.

You can rely on us to handle drain emergencies in your building. With us, you won’t have to wait long to get your drains cleaned.

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