Commercial Water Main Repair & Installation in Bowling Green & Glasgow

Reliable and Speedy – Underground Water Service
If you have commercial or industrial water service, the cost associated with a burst underground water pipe can quickly add up. Whether it’s wasted water or downtime for your business, every moment matters and delays can be costly.

offers reliable, speedy underground water service repairs.
We can repair a burst underground pipe with minimal disturbance and trenching, minimizing the impact on your business. Your main water line runs from the street to your building. uses special equipment and up-to-date technology to replace your deteriorating water supply lines, sewer lines, and septic lines with sturdy, reliable new pipes.

We make every effort to quickly identify the exact location of your underground pipe problem, using video pipe inspection. This also allows us to minimize disruption of your commercial or industrial building’s grounds and landscaping. Once we know exactly the extent of the damage to your underground water lines, we can provide an accurate estimate. Upon approval of the estimate, we can quickly complete all repairs, ensuring the least possible disruption to your business.

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