Sewer Cleaning in Bowling Green

Sewer Cleaning in Bowling Green & Glasgow

If grease, dirt, and other debris has clogged your sewer drain, call Shane Elmore Plumbing to get things moving in the right direction. A sewer drain clog is more than a nuisance — it can impact the health and safety of your home environment.

When your sewer isn’t draining properly, you don’t want to wait for a local plumber to find time to work you into his schedule; you want it fixed immediately.

What Can Cause a Sewer Backup?

Tree roots penetrating the sewer lines are still a major cause of sewer backup. Particularly if you are in an older home with clay sewer lines, your lines may be vulnerable to root penetration, which can lead to major plumbing issues such as pipe blockage and broken pipes. For this reason, we encourage anyone in the Bowling Green, KY area to look into the MSD Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement Program.

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