Natural Gas Line Repair

A faulty gas line can mean the difference between life and death. Shane Elmore Plumbing’s certified professionals will repair and replace your leaky line.

The Importance of Your Gas Line

The gas lines that run through your business provide vital heat and power throughout the year. However, if you have a leak in your gas lines it can mean serious harm or even death. Gas line leaks can be caused in a variety of ways including poor installation, age, and pressure, or fragile and unreliable pipes. While natural gas is odorless, gas companies use a strong-smelling additive to notify you when your gas lines are leaking. If you smell the strong odor of gas, evacuate the building immediately and call the gas line repair Bowling Green KY trusts to take care of your gas line repair or replacement.

Gas Line Repair

If you have experienced a gas leak in your home or business, Shane Elmore Plumbing is here to help. After you have evacuated the premises and the gas company has turned off service, our highly trained and professional technicians will locate and identify your leak. We will work to safely repair the gas line leak and prevent future leaks. Don’t take any chances when it comes to your gas lines. Contact us today to have our technicians quickly and correctly resolve the leak.

Gas Line Replacement

Sometimes, your gas line is beyond repair. For these situations, our team will replace your old gas line and install a new one. Our technicians use the best available equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. You’ll be back in your home or business in no time after Shane Elmore’s technicians identify and replace your leaky gas line.

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Shane Elmore Plumbing is here for all of your gas line repair and replacement needs.

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