Water Heater Installation and What You Need to Know

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 If you suspect that your water heater is about to fail, what do you do? Begin your research so you can prepare yourself when it’s time to call a plumber to do the work. What might seem like a big hassle can actually be a great opportunity to upgrade your hot water system to one more appropriate for your family, home, and hot water needs.  Here are a few things to know about water heater installation before you make the call.

Know When Your System Was Last Updated

Has your hot water system been updated recently, or has the water heater simply been replaced with an identical one every time a new one is required? Traditional water heaters typically last only eight to ten years, but that doesn’t mean that any upgrades were done the last time yours was replaced. If it’s been a while since the system was upgraded, it may be time to make some changes. Consequently, you might need to make changes to the plumbing or even where the water heater is installed if you want to be able to accommodate a larger tank.

Time to Reassess Your Needs

Did you buy your home with the current water heater installed? If so, you might have missed out on making a decision on the hot water system. Think of needing a new one not as a hassle, but as an opportunity. This is your chance to reassess your family’s hot water needs and decide whether your current system is sufficient or if you need to upgrade. Have you been running out of hot water at the most inconvenient time? Are you wanting something more energy-friendly or more economical?

Water Heaters Come in All Sizes

If you run out of hot water way too often, you might want to consider upgrading your water heater size. Most modern homes are designed to accommodate a larger tank, making the new water heater installation quick and easy. Although a larger tank may cost a little more to buy and to run, it may be worth it to you and your family not to have to worry about the water turning cold during prime shower time at your house.

Modern Water Heaters Are Energy Efficient

If it’s been a while since your water heater was replaced, you may not realize how much has changed since then. Energy Star water heaters use less energy, and consequently leave more money in your pocket than their competitors. When you shop for a water heater, look for the Energy Star tag, which will tell you approximately how much it’ll cost to operate. Whether you want to save money, help save the planet, or get the best the market offers, you’ll find a variety of eco-friendly water heaters to choose from.

Are You Ready To Go Tankless?

There are many conveniences to having “on demand,” or tankless, hot water. On demand hot water uses a tankless water heater that heats the water as it flows through the pipes, which provides an endless supply of hot water. If you have a big, busy household that is constantly running out of hot water, one or more tankless water heaters might be perfect for you. They also offer economical and environmental considerations, such as the energy and cost savings associated with only heating the hot water that you need. Plus a tankless water heater lasts about three times longer than a traditional water heater. If you think tankless might be for you, there’s no better time than when you’ll be investing in a new water heater installation anyway.

Turn to the Experts in Water Heater Installation

You probably have a good idea of whether your current system has been meeting your needs, but you might not know what that means in terms of what you should buy. If it’s time for a new water heater, call your neighborhood plumber today. One of our Shane Elmore Plumbing techs will assess your current system and plumbing, discuss your options with you, and help you make a decision about what will best suit your family’s hot water needs.