Choosing the Correct Basement Sump Pump for Your Home

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Having the right sump pump can help you deter water damage or worse, allowing you to enjoy all parts of your home, including your basement. A sump pump is designed to pump water out of your home before it can get to destructive levels, guarding against not only flood waters, but also alleviates an insurance claim and the cost of … Read More

7 Signs of a Clogged Sewer Line

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There is almost nothing more frustrating than a slow-running drain. Sometimes it’s just a result of a buildup of hair, food, grease, and other organic or inorganic material in the drain, but other times it may be a sign of a more serious problem, such as a clogged sewer line. Your sewer line carries wastewater away from your house, so … Read More

Is Your Shut Off Valve In Good Working Order?

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A shut-off valve is meant to save your neck in case of an emergency, such as if a pipe bursts or a fixture starts leaking. Water can pour pretty quickly into your home if that happens, so a shut-off valve, if used in time, can prevent a lot of water damage. If it doesn’t work, however, everything can go wrong … Read More

What Water Should You Drink? Bottled or Tap

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As Americans are becoming more environmentally conscious, many are questioning whether it’s better to drink bottled water or tap water. The impact of using plastic bottles is part of the equation, but there are also concerns over the taste and quality of the water. So, should you choose the bottle or the tap? Let’s take a look. Safety If your water isn’t … Read More

When TP is hard to find

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With the COVID-19 pandemic still running rampant throughout the world, it may become rather difficult to find toilet paper anywhere. What happens if you run out? While there are plenty of TP alternatives being advertised all over the internet, we’re here to answer your questions and set the record straight. In the event that you run out of toilet paper, … Read More

Instant Hot Water With A Water Circulation Pump

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If you’ve dreamed of getting instant hot water to any faucet in your home, you might have considered installing a water circulation pump. Not only do these circulation pumps deliver instant hot water throughout your home, but they can save thousands of gallons of water per year. In a plumbing system without a pump, hot water can’t arrive at the … Read More

A Sewer Line Replacement May Be Needed

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Putting off calling a plumber? You may be turning a minor hassle into a major headache. Especially if you need a major repair done, such as a sewer line replacement. But how do you know the difference? Here are six clues that your sewer line might be the culprit. Multiple or Chronically Clogged Drains If you have just one clogged … Read More

When Do You Know You Need a Garbage Disposal Repair?

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The garbage disposal is one of the most underappreciated kitchen appliances we use. A good garbage disposal makes it easy to get rid of food scraps, saving you the hassle of wiping them into the trash. It will also shred those food scraps, thereby preventing them from clogging your pipes. Considering just how useful it is, you’ll want to get your garbage … Read More

A Sump Pump Backup Can Save Your Home in an Emergency

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Flooding in your home can have a devastating aftermath. You not only have to get rid of the water, you have to replace what’s been irreparably damaged by the water. It means a loss of time and money, not to mention dealing with your insurance company to get your claim covered. A sump pump can actively prevent a situation like … Read More

A Sewer Backflow Preventer Can Head Off Costly Damages

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Experiencing a sewage backflow is nobody’s idea of a fun time. It can result in foul odors emanating throughout your household as well as actual sewage water backing up through the drains in your home. When a sewer backflow occurs, the sewage water that’s supposed to be flowing away from your property reverses course and heads back into your home. … Read More