3 Common Issues With Sump Pumps

Parisa OstovariPlumbing, Uncategorized

sump pumpsIndoor plumbing has been around for far longer than you might expect; it dates back to at least 2500 B.C. Since then, many incredible innovations and advancements have been made to indoor residential plumbing, from toilets to water heaters and more. One of the most useful and often underrated advancements of modern plumbing are sump pumps. These often overlooked elements of your home plumbing sometimes break down, however, so be on the lookout for these common issues with your sump pumps.

Overwhelmed Sump Pumps

Depending on how much rainfall you get in a short span of time, your sump pump may end up being overwhelmed and unable to handle the increased workload. This can happen most commonly in severe storms, but also during other particularly “wet” events, such as a very quick temperature increase resulting in lots of melting snow all at once. To deal with this, you’ll want to upgrade your sump pump to handle the additional water.

Power Loss

In some cases, a power outage in your home can cause issues with your sump pump. While you might notice other appliances in your home turning off and back on again, you might not always be aware that your sump pump down in the basement also needs to be checked on. The same storm that floods your basement could also be the same storm that cuts power to your sump pump. To stay prepared, consider adding an additional high-powered battery sump pump as a backup. That way, your home is never without protection from heavy rainfall.

Clogged Sump Pumps

Just like any other pipes and plumbing throughout your home, your sump pump can get backed up and clogged. If this happens, you might not necessarily know right away, and when the next big storm hits, you could be for an unpleasant surprise. To avoid issues involving clogs or broken pipes, you’ll want to remember to stick to a regular maintenance schedule for your sump pump. Checking on your sump pump on a consistent basis will help you and your plumbers catch any major issues before a big storm hits and floods your basement.

Your sump pump is essential to keeping your basement dry and your home safe from the elements. For more information on sump pumps or to schedule residential plumbing services to address your home’s sump pump, contact Shane Elmore Plumbing today.