Faucet Repairs & Installations

If you have an older or unappealing faucet, Shane Elmore is here to give you the style and efficiency you have been looking for.

Upgrade Your Faucet

If your home still has its original sinks, it may be time for an upgrade. Not only are older faucets inefficient, but they also look dated and are unappealing. Let Shane Elmore’s team of certified plumbers replace your sink or faucet with a new high-quality fixture.

Leaky Faucet Repair

Aside from a dated and older aesthetic, older sinks and faucets lack the water-saving efficiency of newer faucets. A faucet that leaks just 3 times per minute wastes more than 160 gallons of water per year. That means your money is going right down the drain! While there are many different factors to having a leaky sink, some of the most common include:

Rubber Washers

While rubber washers regulate the water flow in your faucet, they deteriorate over time. If your sink’s rubber washer is old and deteriorated, it may be time for a faucet replacement.

Overtightened Connections

If the connections in your pipes are overtightened, it can lead to the stripping of threads, and water leaks at the faucet’s joint.

O-Ring Deterioration

If the O-Ring on your faucet deteriorates, the faucet leak will occur near the handle.

If you have experienced any of the problems with your sink or faucet, we are here to help. Replace your old and outdated faucet today.

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